audio logo = sweets to your ears

Is audio branding a new discipline ?

Audio logo creation, sound identity, sound signature are a few names for sound branding.

It is a new kind of discipline in sound design. It is related to brands communication and marketing strategies. It has several purposes :

- brand identification

- brand appropriation

- brand image (re?)(de?)finition

I often use the example of Mac/Windows sound identity... both are computers but I am pretty sure you can identify one or the other just with their sound signature at startup.

Right ?

You now see what I mean. You can identify a brand/product with a just few notes. Just like you recognize someone's voice on the phone, at the moment you say "allo ?"...

So the job is done. You are familiar with these stingers. You can name the brand just after few seconds. They don't need more.

In general, creating a sound signature is just a small part of a larger task, I'm talking about sound branding. That's just not designing a super easy to remember jingle. It's a more global job. It usually goes with a complete sound chart, with selected audio tracks fitting the brand image and also sometimes a sound library used for sensorial branding or emotionnal branding.

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