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UPDATED November 2013

Hi there !

Today I make a small post about free Kontakt sounds. Why ? Because I am a big fan of Kontakt. In my (humble) opinion it is far the best sampler you can find for a professional use in music production.

It's been a long time since I started to collect free Kontakt sounds. Today, I submit you my list in case of need. The sample libraries listed hereafter are suitable for Kontakt 2,3 & 4. I haven't tested them with all versions but they should work normally. If you don't own Kontakt yourself, you can donwload Digidesign Structure Free for use in ProTools and you'll be able to open the following Kontakt drum samples & Kontakt libraries. I don't know much more about other sampler instruments, for I almost only use everyday these two, but you should be able to do the same with Halion3 and Mach5.

If you don't know Kontakt yet, you should consider downloading the free version called Kontakt Player to see if this sampler instruments could fit your needs. It is provided with a nice free Kontakt library with free instruments from his big brother library (Elektrik Piano, Akoustik Piano & a bunch of sampled instruments), so then you can start to play with it. Of course this version is very limited, mostly because you can't edit the sounds like you would but also because you can't import other sample banks except the ones created or validated by Native Instruments (I know life is not fair...)

However, you'll see Kontakt or Kontakt Player are very easy to use & intuitive, so even if you don't know much about sampling, just a little knowledge about MIDI & software instruments is enough to begin to have fun & to know if you want to spend a few hundred bucks to seriously work with it or not.

I think Kontakt definitely worth it, because it is robust (I mean it's not buggy & believe me, I extensively use it), it is very usable & expandable (look where you are, you can find free Kontakt sounds all over the internet) and best of all it is loaded with a huge 43 GB samples library that covers almost every instruments or standard needs in music creation (from orchestra instruments to crappy synth leads via acoustic guitar etc...).

Enough talk, here is my free Kontakt sounds list :

Analogue Drums
Big Mono is free Kontakt library and consists in a retro analogue drumkit recorded in mint conditions.

Andreas Busk-Jepsen
Prepared Piano.

Atom Hub
Percussive & tonal instruments.

Audio Genetics Lab
Tongue Drum & Magnus Chord Organ

“pocketBlakus” - solo cello virtual instrument

Free Djembe Kontakt Instrument.

A lot of sample packs for Kontakt from many producers in various styles.

Babel Audio
Angel Toy Glockenspiel, Blue Mountains Wind Chimes, Egyptian Zil, Tibetan Tingsha.

Bavarian Zither, BoomWhackers Percussion Tubes, DIY Music Box, Granular Gardening, Granular Slate Rocks, Medieval Psaltery, Soprano and Baritone African Marimbas, Suspended Slate Rocks, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Toy and African Marimbas, Toy Piano.

Brickwall Audio
Some free stuff to download on this facebook page.

DSK Music has released DSK Top Keys vol. 1, a free collection of high quality multisample instruments, featuring 9 acoustic pianos, 9 electric pianos & 9 organs.

Gold Baby Productions
MPC60 Free, DMX606.

Geneuanen Kontakt Blog
Many free Kontakt instruments.

Hephaestus Sounds
Oboe, Honky Tonk Piano, Steinway Grand Piano, Bouzouki... very nice work from 2 italian fellows. Grab it now !

This collection includes : 6 classic keyboards (Clavinet, Dyno Rhodes, DX7 Rhodes, Hohner Pianet, Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer) + 3 saxophones (tenor, soprano and alto) + 3 guitars (acoustic, nylon and steel) + Steinway piano in three variations: standard, bright and damped.

Hollow Sun
Bass station, Speak & Spell, Vox Humana, Polymoog Strings, Aah, Aeropad, Aquarium, Nebulous, SQ Strings, Buddhist.

AnaSynth, ArabFlutist & PadMeister.

Impact Soundworks
Groove Bias Mini.

Impossible Acoustic
New Kontakt Instruments Every Week !

Les Productions Zvon
No Name Toy Keyboard, LoFi Kalimba, Smallest electronic keyboard, Chromatic Hits, Sidekick Electronic Drum.

Michael Kingston Riders
Ruffrider & Easyrider drumkits.

Native Instruments
Kontakt Factory Selection.

Yamaha kit, Jazz Guitar, Vinyl Hammond, Garage Vinyl Full Kit, Classic - Nylon Guitar…Various bass, drums & organ.

Philharmonia Orchestra
Very nice orchestral tuba.

Orange Tree Samples
Free Jazz Funk Drum Sample Library + utilities for Kontakt.

Electronic instruments, synth lead, electronic drumkit & loops.

Precision Sound
Cretone TT, Koestler Rigoletto, Red Grand, ToysToysToys.

Retro Sampling
Electric Piano MkI & MkII.

Sample Logic
TryPack (500 MB), 30 instruments, a taste of their 3 main libraries AIR, Elements and Synergy.

Soni Musicae
Blanchet-1720 & Small Italian XVII Harpsichords, Orgue de salon pipe organ, Diatonic accordion, Bells and Rings,
The Maestro Concert Grand.

Speak & Spell, VA Brush Kit, Music Boxes.

Sound Blocker
Mike's iMoog - Moog Voyager.

Waves Factory
DrumCircle, Power Guitars, 1850 Pipe Organ, W-MusicBox, W-Clock

I hope you found my free Kontakt sounds list useful, if so, please drop me a line & tell me what you think or be missing. If you want me to add your free Kontakt sounds to this list, don't hesitate, feel free to Kontakt me (...sorry)

Enjoy & have fun !



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