Download free congas loops

Hi there !

I've just set 98 free congas loops for download, they're included in a zip archive.

You can use them in any music production or whatever you want, the only restriction is that you can not sell or give them without my permission. The files are in 16bits /44.1 kHz .wav format so that you can use them in your favorite DAW in top audio quality.

Our loops are recorded and edited respecting the purest high-end quality audio chain (Neumann, DPA, AKG & Schoeps Mics, Protools & Sonic Solutions HD, Weiss, Prism, Junger...).

I've recorded professional musicians and hobbyists in many different kinds of music (rock, bossa, manouche, reggae, D'n'B...) with their instruments (guitar, bass, drums, violin...) in different tempi. Everything is played live with real instruments, NO VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS USED !

I had the chance several years ago to make a few recording sessions with a very good friend of mine who is a top percussionist & who was timbalero in a Cuban Music Band.

He allowed me to record him & edit these free congas loops.

As I said just before everything is played live & you can find many different tempi (yes the plural of tempo is tempi !&? Latin stuff...) & styles from guaguanco, rumba, salsa to son.

It's been a huge & tremendous amount of work to make them properly, and I'm very proud & happy to finally give them back to you as a gift for your support.

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These free music loops are congas loops from my previous music loops site ( - no longer active).

You can now have them for free !

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I really hope you will find them useful, if so, please drop me a mail or a comment. It would be cool to hear from you !

I have many more free wavs and free loops to release in very different kind of style, just please be patient (just try ;-).

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