A free music composition software & other nice news.

Hi everyone,

Have you ever looked for a free music composition software ?

I mean something reliable, easy to use, opened & compatible with many formats... Have you ? really ?...

Until this month, I've never found something really interesting... but, these days MuseScore have released a free cross platform WYSIWYG music notation program, licenced under GNU GPL.

Isn't it nice ?

Personally, I must admit I've been blown by this simple free music composition software. I haven't fully tested yet, but most of beginners & advanced composers have now a missing tool in their arsenal. So if you don't have donwloaded it yet, go for it. It really worth it. Best of all, it's been translated in 20 languages.

If you intend to really use it, you should consider to make a donation.

Others february news :

On the virtual instruments side... some nice releases :

Univers Sons / USB (Ultimate Sound Bank) releases Acoustic Toy Museum.

A very interesting collection of toy instrument sounds using the UVI engine, so it's fully compatible with every DAW & audio quality is there as usual. From small pianos & guitars to music boxes & flutes, it seems to me that this collection is going to be a must have as well for sound designers as for music composers.

See more details here.

Pettinhouse releases AcousticGuitar FREE.

Yes. Another free & very nice free virtual instrument for Kontakt. It has not all the benefits of the full version, but still... It is an excellent job.


Impact Soundworks releases Shreddage.

Shreddage is a virtual instrument focused exclusively on electric rhythm guitar and more precisely on metal & rock rythm guitars. The audio demos are quite catchy & the price is attractive. So, I might give a try for 49 $ it's not too risky.

See more details here.

Steven Slate Drums EX Edition "No-Brainer" Deal.

Steven Slate Drums EX Contains 10 drumkits including the famous "Old Zep" kit (an authentic Led Zeppelin model recorded in a stone castle) as well as five hybrid kits, which use multiple layers of kicks and snare to acheive highly unique sounds.
4,5 GB available for 20$ for download only until the 28th of february... HURRY UP !

See more details here.

That's all folks !



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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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