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FXpansion VST2RTAS another great way to get more and more audio plugins

Hi !
This is a cheap trick but... when I was student (me too...) I bought the FXpansion plugin converter VST2RTAS.
I think it's a valuable tool to have in our sound tech arsenal.

It allows you to transform VST plugin in RTAS so that you can simply drag them in your digidesign plugins folder.

It's a very convenient way to get a lot of extra free audio plugins for your protools system.

You can do it easily with a lot of free VST that don't exist in RTAS format and add many new RTAS plugins but also if you have the licence for a VST plugin and don't have the RTAS version it works too (in many cases).

My 2 cents.

Phil from Phillie

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