Sitemap - The Big Picture

I made a sitemap to easily find your way and list all the pages.

Index page of the site, short presentation.

Sound Blog
A day to day news feeder about music creation and sound design process.

Audio Directory
This audio directory aims to gather cool audio links on various topics just for your addiction !

Audio Library
Wide useful books selection about various themes from general audio theory to audio post production, Protools courses, music composition & sound design...

Music Composition
Why music composition is vital for every media.

Royalty free music
All you've ever wanted to know about royalty free music without asking....

Cue Sheet
Everything you need to understand the basics of using Music Cue Sheets.

Sound Design
A few explanations on the sound designer job for movies.

Sound Effects
Sound effects - a part of the sound design process.

The foley artist, another man in the shadow, what's the job and video examples.

Randy Thom
A small page dedicated to one of the masters.

Funny Sound Design Videos
Some funny videos that I like about sound design creation, foley artistry...

Recording Sound Effects
This article explains what you have to pay attention to regarding copyright when recording sound effects.

Audio Production
Deeper in the music production process, tips 'n tricks (WIP - be patient).

Free audio plugins for ProTools on Mac OS X
A selective list of free audio plugins for ProTools that worth to try 

Free Virtual Instruments for ProTools on Mac OS X
A selective list of free virtual instruments for ProTools that I use and like.

Download free soundfont.
Some valuable links to download free soundfont.

Want free Kontakt sounds ?
My favorite links to download free Kontakt sounds.

Rap beats maker
Overview of a new software designed to produce any kind of urban beats.

Sound Branding
Audio Logo the next step in marketing.

Audio Identity Creation Process
Description of my approach of audio identity creation.

Few facts and things I find useful to know about psychoacoustics.

Tips & Tricks
Share your most useful audio techniques - welcome in the music composition and sound design 2.0 !

Free soundfont player for Mac OS X.
How to install a free soundfont player on your mac & use it with your digital audio workstation (DAW).

How to import soundfont in ProTools ?
A short method to import soundfont in Protools on Mac OS X.

Work & record in MS ?
Record in MS ? How to work in MS from a L/R signal ?

Music composition & Sound design Live News
Follow every audio industry news about music composition, sound design, audio techniques and more...

A little more about me...(Portfolio and CV in preparation).

Contact Me
A small form if you need/want to mail me.

Free Beats
Some free audio loops to download for your music production.

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