I have a problem concerning the Free audio plug ins - I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I hope you can help me.

by Bob M

I ran across your Free plugins for Pro Tools 10 and downloaded "Isotrope Vinyl" - and was great.

The next night I grabbed "Amplion" and it also was a great addition.
So the next night I got greedy and downloaded "Pluggo 3/PerColate" (Pluggo Mac Version 3.6.1) - the file seemed larger than usual, but I persisted.

So when I did the install, all went well - until a pop up window prompt transferred me to a PACE web site for a missing "software extension" to be downloaded. http://www.paceap.com/support/support.html

I was directed to a PACE anti piracy page, with driver installs, and it included iLok driver installers - I panicked.

Fearing I would install something that might alter my iLok and disable my PoTools, I panicked and immediately trashed everything I could track down attached to the "Pluggo" install.

Apparently I was unsuccessful, because now when I try to open Pro Tools 10, a pop up window opens several times, still prompting me to install the missing extensions, even though none of the "Pluggo" plug-ins are present - and once the session is open, almost half of my original plug-ins will not work and produce an error.

All I ask, is if you would know any way I can locate and remove every trace of the "Pluggo" install, so ProTools will no longer demand that I visit and download the missing extensions.

I really appreciate the free plug-ins that I acquired from your web page, but at this point in time all I hope for is to have ProTools work again. I'm a musician, not a technical person, so this is a nightmare to me.

thank you for any advice you can share.

Bob M

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Jul 08, 2013
Re : I have a problem concerning the Free audio plug ins
by: Bob M

Sam -

I wanted to get back to you tell you that you'd already solved my ProTools problem.

I thought that before I bothered you again, I would re-read your first letter, and decided to take a chance and do as you suggested - to go ahead and install the extensions update.
( my ProTools, ILok, and all my plugins are only a month old, so I originally feared this might somehow overwrite my licenses. )

As it turned out, all pop up windows have ceased and all my original plug-ins no longer cause the recent error prompts. As far as I can tell, ProTools seems to be working great again.

I just wanted to thank you, first, for your quick and thoughtful response, and second, for your willingness to help a total stranger, that was clearly in ProTools distress - I wish Avid support was as helpful.

Thanks again - enjoy the rest of the Holidays
Minneapolis, MN

Jul 08, 2013
Re : I have a problem concerning the Free audio plug ins
by: Sam

Hello Bob,
Apparently some of your plugins require the ilok extensions to work properly. To be sure you can drop all of your plugins In the unused plugins folder then restart protools and see if the problem persists, you can move them ONe by one...
You should not be affraid of the extensions update if you own all the plugins authorizations.
I am not 100% sure of that but it seems like an automatic update from the ilok site which most likely does not depends on your plugins. However if the ilok version is too old or missing you Will be asked to download it.
In any case, you can check that your authorizations are still working by loging in your ilok account and see what plugins are licensed to you.

Hope this help.

Don´t hesitate to contact me for further advice.

All the best.


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