Spanner - The ultimate pan plugin automation tool !

Hi there !

I just discovered today Spanner, it is a pan plugin. No, forgive me, it THE surround pan plugin for every audio post facility !

Why ?

Because it has a special unique feature that I have never seen anywhere before and that is very smart and clever. It is called the overlay window. It provides a crucial information for any mixer : where your pan is on the screen. Just that simple !

You can now follow very easily a character with your pan because you can see it on the video ! I love it ! I want one !

Plus you can control every parameter with an Ipad very smoothly for more convenience and every automation is mapped automatically to your Eucon faders device.

Maggot software ! Thank you !

It sure will be the best 399$ invested this year.

You can see it in this video :

Infos from the developer website :

spanner is a powerful surround panner, channel manager, remapper and downmix plugin for AVID Pro Tools.

It is the result of years of personal frustration with the Pro Tools panner and bussing setup and solves many of the common complaints about the surround workflow in Pro Tools.

If you ever work in surround you'll appreciate this plugin I'm sure, but if mixing-in-the-box is your thing you're going to see this as a major step forward.

True surround panner

Functions as an upgrade to the standard surround panner, giving complete, independent control over each channel in a more practical single plugin interface. each input channel is represented as a coloured dot in the panfield which can be used to control 5 key parameters.

panning around the 2 dimensional space is taken care of by just 2 parameters, Pan (left-right) and Fad (front-back) so you won't have to wrestle with dozens of unwanted parameters.

up and down-sizes multiple track formats

spanner can upsize or downsize all common track formats to multiple different output formats, allowing you to actually 'pan' an LCR or quad into the 7.0 mix bus or temporarily send a 7.1 stem out of a 5.1 bus for monitoring purposes.

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