Protools 11 is announced !

Hi there !

Today news is that Avid is about to launch the new Protools 11 ! 

An update, again, you might think ? It's true that, Protools 10 is only 1 year old...

But, for years now I've been waiting for the offline bounce functionality like on Cubase, Logic Pro, Reaper, like on every other DAWs. This only new feature (I know it's present for ages on concurrent audio/midi sequencers however...) justifies to invest again a (big ?) bunch of dollars.

There's also a new audio engine for more power and bigger sessions with the same hardware.

in brief...

What's new in Pro Tools 11

The most powerful digital audio workstation just got more powerful. With an all-new, ultra-efficient audio engine, 64-bit performance, and groundbreaking capabilities, Pro Tools 11 enables you to take on the most complex and demanding music and audio post productions with ease, so you can focus on sounding your best.

Get exponentially more processing power than Pro Tools 10 using the same hardware

Create bigger, more complex sessions, without holding anything back

Experience ultra-low latency record monitoring without sacrificing plug-in performance

Play and edit a wide range of HD video formats right in the Pro Tools timeline

Turbocharge sessions with the all-new Avid Audio Engine

Get multiple times the processing power of Pro Tools 10 to work with way more virtual instruments and effects plug-ins than ever before. And with the new 64-bit architecture, you gain the performance you need to handle the most sophisticated sessions—with more memory headroom to go even bigger.


Deliver mixes with lightning-fast offline bounce

Forget the wait—speed up your final mix delivery with new faster-than-real-time bounce capabilities.


Have confidence in your mix with new metering options (Pro Tools HD 11 only)

New built-in metering standards provide a variety of scale and ballistics options, so you can be assured that you’re creating the best mix possible.


Work directly with HD video

Play MXF HD, Avid DNxHD, and other HD video formats directly in the Pro Tools timeline, without transcoding, using the built-in Avid Video Engine—the same as in Media Composer.

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