Troubles with Bismark BS0 soundfont player plugin

by Sam

Hello there,

I received these messages :

although it does get the job done, there is a noise that occurs every so often when i am using this. kind of sounds like a "bark' from a sick dog.... or some sound that a demo version of a vst would have. am i doing something wrong or is there another option for a soundfont player that anyone knows of? kontakt 5 does play soundfont files however i can only find a demo and not a cracked version. any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I bought Bismark - I was pleased with it for a while (using it with Reaper on a Mac)... until it gave me a "plugin expired" message. To make it work again would cost me $20 and require me to buy an OS X upgrade. So I'm not at all pleased with it. When I PAY for software, I expect it to carry on working.

Although I am not the developper of the Bismark BS0 soundfont player plugin, I sent an email in order to find some help for the unfortunate readers of this blog...
Here is the answer from the Bismarck developper :

Dear Samuel,

In old versions, I have added expiration date in order to protect the program from the serial generator by illegal crackers.
This action will require a periodic update of the software,
but on the other hand, keeping old development environment is difficult for me.
I'd like to apologize to all users that my judgment have generated a vicious circle.

To solve above problems, now I have prepared 2 versions for Mac OS X on
Also both versions have no expiration date.

Version 4.1: for OS X 10.6 ~
Version 4.0.6: for OS X 10.4/5

Best regards,


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