How to use VST plugins with Protools ?

Hi there !

It's been quite a long time since I had the idea to write an article about a burning subject like Is it possible to use VST plugins with Protools ?

The short answer is No.

The complete answer is Yes but you'll have to cheat a little bit Protools to do so. In fact there are plenty of methods available depending on the software you want to use and the budget you have for that.

I am not pretending my method is better than the others, BUT what I say is that this works fine with Protools 8/9/10 so far, it's free and if you use it, you'll be able to import tons ad tons of free VST plugins directly in your favorite Protools software.

Otherwise you can Rewire / route your VST plugins / audio in Protools with a lot of softwares such as :

Bidule / Plogue (95$) works like a charm with plugins & instruments + is very versatile but can be a little complicated for newbies...

See how in the video below.

HostX (free) load your VSTi only 

Reaper (free for 30 days) works like a charm with plugins & instruments

SoundFlower (free) Route any audio in your Protools like Logic Audio, Cubase etc... create your audio / midi config & you can play your AU or VST instruments directly in Protools 

Ugly VST Interface (free) load your VSTi only

VSTLord (free) load your VSTi fast & easy, just need to create audio / midi configuration and you're good to go

Watch the video below to see how to do it

VST Shell X (free) load your VSTi & your VST plugins but maybe quite outdated.


use Jack

Ok then, where should you start ?

The method is simple :

1°) Download Jack Here

2°) Install Jack

3°) Restart your computer

4°) Go to your applications folder & launch JackPilot in your Jack folder

5°) If it’s the first time you’ve run JackPilot, and/or if you’ve not yet saved your Jack

preferences, the Preferences dialog will open automatically, so that you can set up your

Jack environment


PS : a very exciting project (a VST to AAX wrapper by Sugar BytesTransVST) has been canceled by Avid... sad!

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