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Vuvuzela noise reduction
World football cup 2010

Hi there !

Surprisingly, World Football Cup 2010 audio broadcast is problematic. Because of vuvuzela players. You all know that this horn sounds very loud and in the speech frequencies. For that matter, commentator's audio level is very low and mixed all match long with the vuvuzela sound. Quite annoying...

Some developpers found solutions, here they are :

Vuvuzela Filter using Fedora

Felix Kaechele found an opensource workaround for streamed games on Linux platforms...

here. Sorry, link no longer available.

Vuvux @ Prosoniq

Prosoniq's Vuvux is a free audio unit plugin that removes endless annoying vuvuzelas buzz.


Vuvuzela noise reduction @ Waves

Even Waves developped a Protools plugin to remove vuvuzelas sounds, proof that there really a problem...



A (funny) simple solution, Vuvuzela noise-cancellation sound is a wave with the same amplitude but with an inverted phase to the original sound... what they say "The speaker with the Vuvuzela noise-cancellation sound should be located next to your TV."




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