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If you like sound techniques & music composition you've landed on the right site !

Hello, I'm really happy you are here. If you found me, you might be interested in music composition and/or sound design. Right ?


www.music-sound-lab.com or Sonic Big Bang is my personal website, mainly focused on my day to day job and passion... I bet you guessed... I love to compose music and create attractive soundscapes.

And that's all you'll find here !

My name is Samuel Métivier, I am a french composer and soundengineer. I would be delighted to help you with your sonic / musical needs, as weird or classic as they can be.

If you're interested in audio techniques or sound news, no problem,you're welcome on board, weither you are a complete newbie or sound veteran !  There's a lot to say about any related sound notion,audio post-production technique or about the latest virtual instrument for music composition.

And I'd like to share all that with you.

So what can I possibly do for you ?

I am specialised in music for picture, but I can work on almost any projects requiring custom music creation or sound design such as long & short film scores, TV commercials, documentaries, video game soundtracks, radio advertising,music for website, audio logo... (click here to see & listen my portfolio)

Sonic Big Bang is a music agency able to provide any of the following services depending on your needs :

- a wide variety of royalty free music in most popular genres,

- custom music composition from stingers to complete music movie theme,

- musical arrangement & music production,

- sound design / sound effects / soundscapes / sound sculture for websites or video games.

I'm really glad you're here. So take your time to visit and don't hesitate to get in touch to tell me what you think or anything that can make me improve this site.

No matter who you are, for you, I'll try to make this place as useful and valuable as I can.

So please be my guest, and enjoy your readings.


Revised 23/01/2013.

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